Jordyn is a 'Jane of all Trades' and is often diving into new ways in which she can grow and stretch. She is easily persuaded by adventure, whether that is running a marathon, singing karaoke, or auditioning for a play. This crave for adventure is what has kept her in the evolving and "what if" mindset and career in the beauty industry. Jordyn has spent the past 12 years cultivating new hair color or bridal styles for guests, as well as sharing her passion for growth and education with other stylists and students in the industry. Outside of her career, you might find her traveling with her husband or having her dog take her for a walk. Jordyn's most consistent hobby is baking and considers herself a 'Recipe Rebel'. She is always inventing new flavor combos and searching new recipes to put her own spin on. Some of her favorite things to bake are sugar cookies, boozy Bundt cakes, and marshmallows. You can find her in the kitchen at the Farm dreaming up recipes with some of her favorite ingredients like lavender, rose, hibiscus and Rose Farm honey! Jordyn loves the sense of connection she feels the minute she steps foot on the farm.

Her favorite flowers are anemones.